Shop Open for Valentine’s Day!

ponkplace[knits] is open for Valentine’s Day!  No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day (I myself can’t decide whether I love it, hate it, or if I’m simply ambivalent towards it) or whether or not you *officially* celebrate it, everyone deserves and hug and a kiss.  I’ve designed and knit up a hug and a kiss you can wear over your ears to keep you cozy and warm, regardless of your relationship status.

I have Hugs & Kisses Headbands for sale. Head over and check them out.


Hugs & Kisses Headband in Pink


Hugs & Kisses Headband in Red

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?


Breaking the Seal

This is my first post.  And it’s taken me long enough to sit down and actually write it.  It’s easy to get caught up in doing things and general procrastination – in this case I was putting off writing the obligatory first post.  There’s just no helping it.  It’s awkward.  But I’m avoiding again.  (First thing you should know about me:  I’m a lazy person, yet I tend to make myself busy).

My name is Julia and I have wanted to start this blog for going on 5 years.  Sometimes the topics I want to focus on have changed — “I’ll write about books! and learning to cook! and baking! and knitting! and sewing!”  But crap, I’m not actually an expert in any of these things.  I just love to do them.   However this blog will end up evolving, I plan to write with an honest voice and I hope to be a fun/happy place for people to stop by.